Beginners, your journey might be wildly different, but here’s why it won’t affect your fitness goals

You’ve taken your first steps, you’ve just started.

At the very beginning of your fitness journey, that’s all that matters. As well as having some goals. You’ll see how those goals can be maximized instead of lessened.

Yes, even if you’ve already heard the same context-less advice an ungodly amount of times: “Every fitness journey is different”.

It’s nice saying a catchy quote that will make everyone happy.

What’s hard is giving it real context, related to daily situations.

What actually makes it different?

Well, there are a bunch of things that play into it:

  • Genetics
  • Level of busy
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Considering your own individual needs


Your genetics are what will keep your body from looking like that fitness model on Instagram.

They represent your unique code. They should be treated as such. Isn’t uniqueness a good thing?

Find a way to embrace it.

Level of busy

Have you been guilted into thinking that anything in the way of you and the gym, is nothing but excuses?

Well, maybe it’s time to challenge that belief. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re too tired after a long day of classes. Stop thinking you are a failure for letting a family event get in the way of your gym schedule.

Be self-aware, which also means realizing talking negatively to yourself is not going to help.

Work/Life balance

When I started going to the gym, other aspects of my life got put on hold.

And that’s completely alright. Allow yourself the time to figure out a way to make both coexist. Don’t throw it all away if you mess up the gym/work balance once.

Consistency is everything, yes, but so is taking care of yourself.

Considering your own individual needs

I know how tempting it can be to follow the steps of someone further along in their journey.

However, it’s not because they enjoy going to the gym 6 times a week that 3 are going to be useless. The fact that they love chicken and rice every day doesn’t mean you can’t get creative in the kitchen. Not replicating their routine doesn’t mean your time management skills suck.

You get where I’m going with this, right?

You may not be an expert, but it’s worth listening to yourself.

Doing this won’t affect your goals.

In fact, it might accelerate them. Why? Because you will be giving your body what it needs instead of jumping from advice to advice.




Bite-sized content in the realms of criminology, self-development and fitness | Freelance Writer

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Carina Barrau

Carina Barrau

Bite-sized content in the realms of criminology, self-development and fitness | Freelance Writer

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